One of our most impressive young integral thinkers.
— Jeff Salzman, The Daily Evolver
Although I have explored integral emergence in many ways for decades now, Ever-Present Origin, as well as Jeremy’s presentation, comments, videos, and Q&As have opened up a new dimension of the whole topic for me. I can also highly recommend it for members of the Integral Theory community, or quite generally: for those who want to understand and handle our complex, globalized world—and themselves, quite basically—increasingly better.
— Liselotte Jetzinger, Psychotherapist
Jeremy Johnson is my new favorite human being. He is very present and speaks with clarity. Jeremy is genuine, available and outstandingly supportive.
— Student
Deepest thanks for your loving, intelligent, and generous presence in the world. So gifted, such a gift. Your Gebser course opened my eyes to intuitions that were winking at me from the sidelines.
— Edith Frisen, writing coach, educator, and author of the forthcoming book, Writing with Your Inner Muse
Highly intelligent, excellent speaker, deep understanding of integral, Jean Gebser, and related subjects.
— Lynn Fuentes, Transformational Teaching
Jeremy’s class blew holes in my understanding of integral, holes that became windows onto a bigger universe. I was struck by his brilliance, humility, realness, sincerity, and lyrical way of teaching.
— Student