Recent Publications

"Leben im Anthropozan" (July/September 2017, Interview in Evolve Magazine)

Grant Morrison's Superhuman Mysticism: Comic Books and Writing the Real (May 2017, Evolve and Ascend)

Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner: A Brief Guide for the Perplexed (February 2017, Evolve and Ascend)

The Philosophy of Westworld (February 2017, OMNI)

2016, Planetary Mythologies and the Return of the Serpent (December 2016, Reality Sandwich)

Constellating Acts of Starry Night (June 2016, Metapsychosis Journal)

"Live Blogging at ITC2015" (July 2015, homepage)

"Meta Realities, Utopias: Imagining Impact at ITC2015" (July 2015, Reality Sandwich)

"A Note on the New Monastics: Distributed Networks and Transformational Communities." (December 2014, Reality Sandwich)

"Teasing Away the Threads: (Non) Insights on Gnosis from a Cyborg" (December 2014, Reality Sandwich)


Revealing the Culture of the Current, an Interview with Conner Habib (July 2016, Metapsychosis Journal)

"Erin: An Interview with Robert Dickins" (June 2015, Reality Sandwich)

"Altered States and Paranormal Narratives with Jeffrey J. Kripal" co-interviewed with Benton Rooks for (March 2015, Disinfo)

"Reclaiming Art: An Interview with J.F. Martel" (February 2015, Reality Sandwich)

"Transcendence: R.U. Sirius and Jay Cornell Talk Singularity, Psychedelics and Technoculture." (January 2015, Reality Sandwich)


"William Irwin Thompson Interview: Consciousness, Occupy Movement and Planetary Culture." (Video interview on Evolutionary Landscapes)

"John David Ebert on The New Media Invasion" (Video interview Evolutionary Landscapes)