Welcome! Choose a session that best fits your needs. I’m looking forward to working with you.


Integral Project Consultations

Looking for integrally informed feedback and consultation? Choose this if you’re…

  • Working on an academic or scholarly project, such as an undergraduate or graduate thesis, and looking for feedback on integral methodology, praxis, and research directions

  • Launching a non-academic “integrally” informed project, company, outreach or collaborative initiative and are seeking insights on “leaning into the future,” (i.e. aperspectivity, and integrating the structures into your initiative)

  • Or, you simply need to pick my brain concerning general integral philosophy and praxis. See where the connections light up for you in idea, practice, and presence.

Book a free, 20 minute consultation chat with me. This is perfect if you’re seeking help with a long-term project and need a proposed budget and schedule.

Book a single session consultation hour. Meetings take place over Zoom (you may dial in if you need to). You receive all video/audio recordings and session notes.


Writing and Editing Desk


In addition to writing, publishing, and editing as Curator of Philosophies for Revelore Press, Jeremy has extensive experience with non-academic projects, such as copyediting and copywriting for Nura Learning (online courses), Evolver (now Evolver Awakening), and Reality Sandwich magazine.

  • Book a 15 minute editing consultation for your project and receive a budget proposal and a initial round of advice

  • Jump in with a 60 minute editing-and-writing feedback round. Hosted on Zoom. You receive all video/audio recordings and session notes.