#02 Matthew T. Segall of CIIS on Consciousness, Cultural Evolution and Cosmic Celebration

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Matthew T. Segall, PhD is a longtime friend, philosopher, and professor over at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he teaches in the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness graduate program online. Together we discuss the evolution of consciousness through New Media, the "intellectual dark web," planetization through the Anthropocene, pansychism and a celebratory cosmology.

Join us for episode 2 of MUTATIONS, wherein we discuss:

  • YouTube and New Media creating alternative platforms and communities (and how we both got started on YouTube a decade ago)

  • The embroiled political climate of left vs. right and what that says about what's happening in cultural evolution

  • Matt's recent interview with Rebel Wisdom on Jordan Peterson (and this interesting thing that happened), anthropological perspectives on "dominance hierarchies," and the leap nomadic to agricultural societies

  • The non-human turn, cosmic creativity, and what Matt is thinking about a new mutation, i.e., a new leap of consciousness

  • A riffing answer to the question: what are the new myths?

  • The logos and the cosmos as a "multiform celebration"

  • Essay mentioned: Roaring Infinitudes: Self and Storm in the Anthropocene

I probably missed something here, but you simply must follow Matt Segall for more:

Thrilled to start pushing this series off to sea; do let me know what you think!

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