This course is designed to present a series of cinematic viewings exploring the history and evolution of human consciousness, drawing from works of integral scholarship, and emphasizing the themes of transformation and transition t0 planetary culture/s. Attention will be given to reading the films through Jean Gebser's structures of consciousness, his concept of "time irruption" and his methodology of kulturphilosophie (cultural philosophy),  William Irwin Thompson's study of imagination and cultural evolution through wissenkunst (knowledge-art), McLuhan's concept of electronic culture, Gloria Anzaldua's nepantla as liminal space, and Charles Eisenstein's "space between stories." Other texts—ranging from media studies to postmodern literature—will be referenced in the lectures and recommended in the syllabus.

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Pre-Recorded Offerings

Seeing Through the World: Reading Jean Gebser and Ever-Present Origin

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This online, interactive series offers 9 pre-recorded modules (each approximately 1 hour or longer) guiding the reader through Ever-Present Origin and Jean Gebser’s structures of consciousness, incorporating secondary sources and drawing from contemporary research and scholarship.

The pre-recorded modules are audio and video, utilizing slides and multimedia to enhance and highlight important sections of the reading, and are published bi-weekly along with the additional live, interactive Q&A Zoom Meeting session.

Please note: Zoom sessions are still being offered through May 2019 (when the live portion of the course ends) and future group calls after May can be arranged upon request.