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The Integral Project (Consultations)

Are you looking for an integrally informed perspective on your academic or organizational project? Choose this if you’re…

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  • Working on an academic or scholarly project, such as an undergraduate or graduate thesis, and looking for feedback on integral methodology, practice, and research directions

  • Launching or running a private industry “integrally” informed project, non-profit, outreach or collaborative initiative and are seeking insights in applying integral philosophy to your organization's vision, policies and plans.

  • Or, you simply need to pick my brain concerning general integral philosophy. See where the connections light up for you in idea, practice, and presence.



Book a single session consultation hour (60 minutes @ $45/hr). Meetings take place over Zoom (you may dial in via phone if you need to). You receive all video/audio recordings and session notes.

Book a free, 15 minute consultation chat with me. This is perfect if you’re seeking help with a long-term project and need a proposed budget and schedule. Let’s chat. See the form below.


Writing and Editing Desk


In addition to writing, publishing, and editing as Curator of Philosophies for Revelore Press, I have extensive experience with non-academic projects, such as copyediting and copywriting for Nura Learning (online courses), Evolver (now Evolver Awakening), and Reality Sandwich magazine.


  • Jump in with a 60 minute editing-and-writing feedback round (60 minutes @ $60). Hosted on Zoom. You receive all video/audio recordings and session notes. Use the form below to initiate our conversation and prep to send over the writing you wish to review with me.

  • Book a free, 15 minute editing consultation for your project and receive a budget proposal for longer projects and an initial round of advice.

After you’ve booked a brief consultation (listed above), or prior to scheduling, please feel encouraged to send me an email using the form below.

Be sure to include some preliminary notes about your project and the work you would like to do together. I look forward to hearing from you!

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