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Come Listen to My Lecture! YouTube Live-stream on Grad Studies


Come Listen to My Lecture! YouTube Live talk on Grad Studies

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I'll be presenting next month at LeTourneau University on the imagination in the age of iPads. You can catch an earlier, and more in-depth version of that next Tuesday, February 12th. Drop by my YouTube channel or Google+ page and give an ear! Better yet, grace me with comments! This lecture represents two years of painful, laborious, grueling... Ahem, I mean, dedicated and passionate grad school research! This month, I receive my degree from Goddard College's Consciousness Studies program, and move on to new, yet-to-be-known possibilities.

Here's a bit from the info blurb:

There is much debate over the impact, or effect of digital media on intelligence, childhood development, and culture. What is seldom explored are some of the far reaching, and deeply probing dimensions of digital media's impact on human consciousness. This presentation argues that the new media environment we surround ourselves with, and in, in contemporary culture is coinciding with a tectonic shift in the psyche.

By drawing from cultural philosophy, depth psychology, imaginal and mythopoetic lenses, I offer an interpretation of the digital age as the resurgence of myth and the polycentric psyche.

For those who want a little bit more information, my primary "sources" or disciplines drawn from have been cultural philosopher Jean Gebser, historian William Irwin Thompson, mathematician Ralph Abraham, Jungian psychology, James Hillman, Henry Corbin, Marshall McLuhan, media studies, Amber Case and "cyborg anthropology," and J.R.R. Tolkien's writings on mythopoesis. This all draws largely from cultural studies, mythological studies, depth psychology and media studies. Phew! There.

Be seeing you!