Writing For Reality Sandwich

ImageHey readers, thanks for sticking around! I'm very pleased to announce that I am officially an editor over at Reality Sandwich, a popular consciousness and culture magazine founded by Daniel Pinchbeck! You'll notice my icon is not me, but a patron saint: Spider Jerusalem, a "gonzo journalist" from the cyberpunk comic Transmetropolitan. Follow my feed on there, be sure to sign up and vote for my posts too! R.S. just rebooted their site with the intention of becoming a "social news" hub in the likes of Reddit. That doesn't mean I'll stop writing here.

In fact, recently, I've decided to "let sleeping dogs lie" and settle the dust on my former project - Evolutionary Landscapes. There, I said it. And it felt good. E.L. had its zenith during the Integral Theory Conference in July, but there's no more creative juice coming out of it. The waters flow on.

This also means there'll be plenty more time for writing: between here, Disinformation, and Reality Sandwich.

I've also decided to use this space as a public journal of sorts. Like most bloggers do. Self-documenting tales of a counter-culture writer-for-hire, and potentially, a future academic. Yes, I have my sights set on Rice University's Religious Studies program in Houston Texas (Check out Jeffrey Kripal's kickass book I recently read: Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the Paranormal). But that's a while away. The GRE's still need to be taken and I'd like to take a long, hard look at their application process.

All in good time!