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Featured in Time is Art Film Testimonial:

I was graciously featured in this little testimonial for the exciting new Time is Art film, a contemporary exploration of the phenomena of synchronicity, or "meaningful coincidence", and how following those portals of experience lead us to a transformation of worldview. See their IndieGoGo fundraiser!

If you're interested in the topic of synchronicity, head over to Reality Sandwich to read "Discovering the Divine Spark Within Us", where I explore how synchronicity presents us with the possibility that reality is linguistic. It also features a special clip from the film!

Art, Artifice and Entheodelic Storytelling

Art, Artifice and Entheodelic Storytelling

For my inaugural podcast, Electric Lyre: Alterations of Consciousness, I sat down with J.F. Martel (author of Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice) and Benton Rooks (Disinfo writer and author of the graphic novels KALI YUGA and TRETA YUGA).