Back from #ITC2013

ITC..1It's been two days since I've gotten back from the 2013 Integral Theory Conference. Still so much to decompress. Check out EL's page for updates on post-conference reflections. What can be said for now? The Integral world is making some big internal changes, getting its house in order, and encouraging many new directions of social engagement (including political activism, academic collaboration, and better representation of the diverse international community already present within its ranks, but not yet getting a voice). How the Integral community takes up these new challenges and concerns is yet to be seen, but it is clear the leadership and organizational structure have some great directions they'd like see everyone take up. A big part of this re-direction is on part of a the leadership fostering some critical reflection. Many of the panels were discussing topics already talked about for over a decade, only now receiving more attention. It was a melting pot of emotions: recognition, befuddlement, anticipation, frustration, excitement. A lot of people were happy to be heard. Others were not so happy about the new directions. So, again: let's see where the integral movement decides to go next. They've set the stage for a U-turn. Do they have enough momentum to really get the community kicking again in newer, and more socially relevant directions?