Mutations Interview [Occulture Podcast]

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Another podcast dropped recently: my conversation with Ryan from Occulture Podcast.

There are some real sharp folks who frequent that show. I’m excited to join the mix.

Listen on Occulture

Ryan asked some great questions that made for a great deep-dive into integral philosophy.

“That is the epitome of what I call consciousness enhancing audio.”

Thanks, Ryan.

If you’re a Patreon enthusiast, check out Occulture’s patreon for bonus conversation, where we chat further about Westworld and science fiction.

Until next interview!

Subversive Studies Podcast: Seeing Through the World


I was excited to receive an invitation from Dan Glenn of Subversive Studies to talk about my book, Jean Gebser, integral philosophy, ontology, animism, Deleuze and Guattari and much more. It was a very enjoyable and enlivening conversation! You can listen here.

Dan is a PhD student at CIIS, a writing coach, and a scholar of esotericism. I’ve been enjoying his podcast show as an inroads to the life, work, and thinking of some truly subversive scholarship:

Conversations with scholars and writers whose work subverts the dominant paradigm, disrupts conventional ideologies, and creates new ways of being in the world.

It almost goes without saying, but I’m delighted and honored to be counted among the “Subversive Studies” non-canon.

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