The Way of the Living Ghost with John Anderson, Brandt Stickley [Mutations 9]


Greetings, mutants! During the Texts and Traditions colloquium in Seattle, WA, I stole away with John Anderson (author) and Brandt Stickley (foreword)—in a kitchen of a Masonic lodge—to talk about The Way of the Living Ghost

About the book:

"This enigmatic work by Dr Anderson combs through the Daodejing, line by line, in new translation giving robust commentary to the dark side of the Dao."

It’s something like a book written by a hungry ghost, about how we, the living, are already hungry ghosts too. 

Forgive the sound quality... The microphone, alas, did not pick us up too well without some post-production audio boosting.

Then there was the fridge turning on, midway.

Hence, the kitchen sessions. There were hungry ghosts.

If you can mind the sound, tune in with earphones and listen to what both John and Brandt have to say. It’s worth it!

More Revelore recordings are on the way. Plus, these two fellows are contributors to the forthcoming anthology Mutations: Art, Consciousness and the Anthropocene.

Grab the way of the Living Ghost on Amazon, or Revelore Press. It is also available in deluxe edition (check my instagram in a few weeks for snazzy pictures).