Meet the New Monastics: Kingsley L. Dennis and The Phoenix Generation

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Electric Lyre podcast #2

The revolution will be distributed.

40 years ago, new, experimental spaces like Esalen Institute, Findhorn, and the Lindisfarne Association were the face of the new spiritual counter-culture.

Today, with the exponential rise of internet communication, our situation is different. New institutions find their home in hybrid zones. Online and offline. Local and planetary. These new breeds of transformative cultures are creating what I dubbed "distributed Esalens," and they're what Kingsley L. Dennis calls the "New Monastics" in his latest book, The Phoenix Generation: A New Era of Connection, Compassion and Consciousness.

For episode two of Electric Lyre, I speak with Kingsley L. Dennis about what the Phoenix Generation, how it might just address our planetary crisis.

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