Greeks Who (Still) Pray to Zeus?

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"It was very important to me, the fact that after almost 2000 years or so, the hymn to Poseidon was heard again."

VICE explores the lives and worship of one of a few dozen "Unions of Dodekatheists" in Greece, an otherwise Greek Orthodox country.

Anastasia Moumtzaki of VICE speaks with Vlassis Rassias, leader of one of these communities:

"We believe in what Greeks believed throughout history before Christianity. Therefore, in what Pericles, Leonidas, Themistocles and our philosophers believed in... We are not monotheists, we don't believe in one god but in many."

One of the officiators of the ceremony (see 7:22 in the video above) describes the alteration of consciousness that takes place for him:

"During the whole ceremony, I'm focused there and I'm wide open and receive the invocation from the people in the ceremony. It's there and then that's it's not just an illusion, that everything is everything and communicating. You utterly feel a part of the universe and you open on another level. Then you have the total experience. You feel part of the whole."