Smart Watches and Yanking the Coattails of the Future


All these smart watches make me just want to get a watch. While $350 seems way above my price range at the moment, though I do like the health features and, well, the ability to make phone calls like I'm in Star Trek. That's a tough one to resist especially. It's interesting how, when we make "visionary tech" from science fiction viable, our better thinking is disregarded and we feel compelled to (sometimes) quite literally chase down the event horizon future, grab it by the coattails, and hold on for dear life.

Years later, when the enthusiasm runs dry (like now, smart phones were once in this category, but now they're totally ubiquitous), we find new futures to materialize out of our imagination.

Just observing the process -- not excluding myself here, with an envious eye for a bigger iPhone screen and a talking watch -- and fascinated by our culture's entranced ritual, our forward thrust; our ecstatic pilgrimage into the future.