Pen and Paper Fiends Take Note (Literally)

Miri surprised me today with this wonderful “Midori Traveler’s Notebook,” which I’ve been secretly eyeing ever since I discovered YouTube bloggers showcasing their paper fiend obsessions. Being a Vlogger myself, I’m not above recording a Midori selfie. As someone who is constantly taking notes, jotting down ideas, and plotting and planning world domination via my own literary adventures, the Midori will serve me nicely.

“You join the fraternity of adventures of Midori travel notebook users. It is a cult, and it’s difficult to cheat going in.” Uh oh.

While Miri and I were browsing the paper goods store — which I hesitate to merely call it, it was more like a craft gallery — I was in awe of the designer paper goods, hand crafted journals, and artisan pens and pencils. I couldn’t help but start muttering aloud McLuhan’s famous axiom: “The sloughed off environment becomes a work of art in the new medium.”

We’ve moved on from paper, into the digital world; but with the erasure of physical letter-writing and printing presses comes a newfound artisan appreciation for the tactile word. As I carefully sorted through textured journals and crafted organizers, I wondered if Apple’s success had something to do with this appreciation of touch.

When it comes down to it, though, I’m like a child again playing in the parent’s home office. My senses are wafting up nostalgia in the smell of paper pulp goods and delicious craft leather; alright, I better stop. God help me if I get into artisan pens.