Greening the Suburbs

king-of-the-hill-5961-2560x1600 Let's take a moment and think about suburban gardening.

Recently I've returned to my hometown an hour out from NYC - a cozy south shore Long Island home. When it comes to my carbon footprint, I don't drive much anymore. Work is in the city, and the train is a five minute walk down the street. But, what really hits me about life here is the odd American tradition of the suburban lawn. Us middle class home dwellers put so much effort and pride into a well greened lawn. And while the lawns here are the right color, there's little "green" about the suburbs at all.


That's why my partner and I are thinking about starting a hydroponics garden come spring.

I found this nifty video that shows you how to make a hydroponics garden for $35. Not bad. I'd also like to start a section of the yard for a compost heap.

As I'm embarking on this early research phase, recognizing that I might get odd looks from the neighbors, I can't help but ask the obvious question: why aren't more people doing this?

We talk about cities going green, and they certainly take priority - being where the majority of us "hoomans" live - but isn't it about time to start greening the 'burbs as well?

To my readers: do you try to go "green" in your apartments, studios and gardens?

Greening Cities

Can't help but share this: PermaCities! An open source game about greening your city. Think Farmville but with ideas like permaculture and eco-conscious urban dwelling.