Integral Summer Film Club (New Online Course), Bogotá Conference and other Updates

Hi friends,

A few things are coming up this month that I thought you might be interested in tuning into.

Firstly, on June 23 at 11:45 a.m. EST, I will be presenting at the inaugural Hispanoamerica Integral conference, hosted in Bogotá, Columbia. I won't be physically attending, but instead presenting live via conference call (presumably Zoom). My talk is entitled, "Seeing Through the World: Jean Gebser's Integral Vision of Time and Presence."

I don't know if the livestream will be made available to the public. If it is, I'll be sure to share it with you. I am deeply honored to be able to present on the work of Jean Gebser and his significance for our time, particularly as this is the first "integral" conference of its kind in Latin America, during a period of unthinkable change and unprecedented demand for social transformation. I look forward to engaging with other conference goers on these questions in whatever capacity I can.

This cultural transformation is the ultimate task for integral oriented thinkers, scholars, practitioners, and to which we must do our best to play some small part in towards an "emergent," regenerative culture.

Integral Summer Film Club 

integral summer 2019-2.png

Secondly, I am pleased to announce that summer school will be in session. That is, a new multimedia-focused seminar series I'm hosting over at Nura Learning, "Integral Summer Film Club: Planetary Myths and Integral Themes in Cinema." We'll be watching six films together and hosting a series of 90 minute lecture and dialogue sessions. From the syllabus,

This course is designed to present a series of cinematic viewings exploring the history and evolution of human consciousness, drawing from works of integral scholarship, and emphasizing the themes of transformation and transition to planetary culture/s.

Here is our cinema setlist:

June 29: The Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)
July 13: Solaris (1971)
July 27: Akira (1988)
August 10: Interstellar (2014)
August 17 : Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
August 24: Arrival (2016)

Participants will also be invited to join me in a "watch party", via Zoom or Rabbit apps, to watch the films together (not mandatory, of course, and the meat of our discussions will be saved for the scheduled class dates). Expect light banter and commentary for these.

Catch the early bird, see about scholarships (for student, hardship, etc.), or alternatively, join my Patreon for a "gift economy" setup. Pay whatever you can or whatever you feel is appropriate. I thank you!

PCC Talk

I am pleased to let you know that my seminar last month at CIIS for the PCC forum (Philosophy, Cosmology, Consciousness) is available for viewing online

It will hopefully be the first of many engagements with the PCC program. Crossing fingers. More on that later...

New Writing, Publishing 

A few writing projects are in the works. First, the early outlining for my next book, codenamed "Integral Futurism," is well underway. Patreon members will get to hear more about that.

The next batch of MUTATIONS podcasts are being edited right now and will be launched this month. Thanks for your patience on this one! I am working towards a more steady and consistent syndication, now that the Gebser EPO course is completed...

Revelore is cooking up some new books for you; some are coming this fall, and a few others coming next winter (Mutations anthology is looking like a winter 2020 release). If all goes well, the latter might translate into a physical conference somewhere, stateside. Stay tuned on that!


Next Patreon Salons

For Patreon members, we'll be starting a "Dune Club" (reading Frank Herbert's Dune) for July and August. We'll also be hosting a few patron-only integral-oriented talks (one exploring Jean Gebser's expression of aperspectivity and "integral christianity," Marshall McLuhan and the relationship between media studies and integral studies, as well as a talk on science fiction and integral futurism). 

Join me there, if you can

Thank you for your time, and see you next "dispatch!"